Collision Repair

Involved in an accident?

An accident is an interruption to your every day routine and your life in general. Without your car, you and your family need to make adjustments that are often inconvenient. Rapture Auto Body understands this, which is why we work so that you get your car back as fast as possible. At our shop, a fast repair is also a good quality repair. While some shops work to move cars in and out as quickly as possible, just to turn a profit, our shop is committed to fast service that doesn’t compromise quality. Rentals available through Enterprise and Hertz

Expediting Your Paperwork

The expert staff at our shop is also skilled at expediting the necessary paperwork for the claims and repair process. Our shop is known for how rapidly we are able to get the job done, all the while maintaining a high level of quality. The auto insurance claims process is notoriously long and arduous, but Rapture Auto body continually seeks to ease the anxiety of its customers by getting the job done the right way the first time.



Insurance companies recommend our staff!

When a vehicle is damaged, the owner of the vehicle has the ability to choose where they take it for repairs. Under the California Insurance Code, insurance companies are not allowed to tell a policyholder where to get their repairs done. They can, however, make recommendations. Our shop is frequently on that list of recommended and preferred auto body repair shops. Insurance companies trust us to get the job done, and so can you. Rapture Auto Body has a reputation for professionalism, skill and excellence.


Rapture Auto Body works closely with insurance companies so that you won’t have to deal with stress and uncertainty. Not all repair shops are equal, and many do not guarantee the quality of their work. Coming recommended by an insurance company adds responsibility that keeps our shop accountable. We constantly work to put forth high quality repair jobs that don’t leave customers disappointed, or worse, in need of additional repairs. If you’re looking for an auto body and collision shop in Santa Clarita, look no further than Rapture Auto Body!

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