Window Tint Services



We have learned that not all window films are the same and now with the slow economy there are new window film manufacturers popping up every year. After working with and testing many of today’s automotive films, we believe that the best automotive window film is SunTek. SunTek uses state of the art carbon technology in their film that blocks more heat then any other standard film.


Window Tint offers many great benefits such as:

  • Heat reduction

  • Gives your vehicle a sleek appearance

  • Glare reduction

  • Interior fade reduction

  • Added privacy

  • Decrease in air conditioning usage and saves on gas


Rapture Window Tint exclusively installs SunTek which offers the best window film in the industry and a no fade lifetime warranty. It simply does not get any better than that!

Care & Maintenance

Certain care and maintenance procedures should be followed after installation:


Do not roll down your windows after the window tint application has been completed for 3-5 days. This allows the window tint to properly adhere to the glass.


Do not wash the window tint for 3-5 days hours after the initial installation has been completed. You can wash the exterior of your vehicle right away as all window tint is applied to the inside of your vehicle glass.

Use a mild soap solution and a clean soft cloth on your window tint. Avoid ammonia window cleaners permanently.

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